The Glitch

The Glitch are a cult of personality, with The Glitcher and his mysterious machinations at its head. A twisted alliance of deranged Personas, frightening Encryptoids, and static Cracklings, The Glitch do their master’s bidding at the high and dark cost.


The Glitch utilize a special application, Glitch, that they spread over the course of the game. In addition to standard game management, The Glitch must utilize this special resource wisely. If they do so, their power can quickly outshine that of their opponent.

Character Classes


The Glitchualist is a Persona who has become obsessed with the enigmatic Glitcher. These cultists have learned to harness the unnatural Glitch, conjuring it and infecting their opponents with their cruel Glitchuals.


The Glitchualist is a far range Glitch applier.

Additionally, while he is Creepy and therefore cannot Flirt, the Glitchualist is a competent Influencer.

Through clever use of Glitches, perform a Glitchualistic Sacrifice to spread the infection.





Crackling Balls are rare and beautiful creatures within CodeWorld. Formed completely out of crackling static energy, these wisp-like entities are known to lead unwitting code divers into the maw of an Eye of the Glitcher. Oddly, their charm is nevertheless hard to shake.


Crackling Balls always come in an Entangled pair, sharing Volts, Connection Strength, and Clock. Therefore, utilize them in unique ways to catch your opponents off guard.

Additionally, Crackling Balls have the ability to cause far pushes towards their proxy.

Crackling Balls are one of the few characters in the Glitch without Creepy, enabling them to Flirt and inflict Vulnerability.



Glitchualist prototype render.