The InfoNinjas are primarily coduikers–CodeWorld divers–that seek fortune within the virtual domain. Understanding that Information Chips are a currency with value in the real-world, InfoNinja clans train their bands to gain them with swift efficiency.


The InfoNinjas are fast, generate a lot of Voltage, and are the best Flirters in CodeWorld. Prepare to move quickly, dodge often, and use Exploits to your constant advantage.

Character Classes



Onna-Bugeishas are fierce warrior geisha. They often are leaders and excel at coaxing information out of their enemies through seduction and violence.


Onna-Bugeishas are warriors with the ability to damage enemies and heal friends while Flirting.

Additionally, an Onna-Bugeisha can push enemies with her Attacks.

Utilize an Onna-Bugeisha to protect your Band from Dropping Information due to Attacks.






The Catspaw is a mischievous Tomwhimbit–a feline meme-race within CodeWorld. They are often found running with InfoNinja Operator Bands and causing all sorts of mayhem. Catspaws in particular love the thrill of fighting, and will keep popping up no matter what you do to them.


Catspaws are quick and able fighters. They can push enemies off the tops of frames with ease.

Additionally, Catspaws are good at causing distractions, as they cost little to Reconncet.





Shying away from the brute confrontational approach of many of his peers, the ninjoro instead prefers his skills with robotics and toxins to give him an edge over his opponents.


Ninjoros are quick on walls, able to climb efficiently. They also help their friends jump higher and faster.

Additionally, Ninjoros are able to infect opponents with a variety of negative status effects.

Utilize the Ninjoro to Inoculate your Band against the negative status effects of your enemies.






Prototype Ninjoro render.