The Emoticorps are a team of code divers whose self-righteous mission is to protect Personas at allcosts. To ensure their antics go incognito, the Corps wear giant emoji masks.


The Emoticorps are jacks-of-all-trades, able to competently enact almost any game plan. Using long-range weaponry, the Emoticorps excel when they move cautiously, take ground, and take advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses.

Character Classes


The LOL-fficer often leads Operator Bands on their patrols. Though ostensibly a ProBot liaison officer, its CodeWorld’s most poorly kept secret that persona and ProBot consider these officers a joke–giving rise to their nickname, the LOL-fficer.


LOL-fficers help summon and direct ProBots against their enemies.

Additionally, a LOL-fficer offers short-range firepower and ignores when enemies are crowded together.

Utilize LOL-fficers to keep your Firewall patched up.






Tech Supporters help carry the load traditionally left to the Proxy–routing operations and intercepting enemy hacks. It comes as little surprise that often Emoticorps bands overly rely on Tech Supporters, leaving them a bit frustrated. Luckily, patrolling in CodeWorld gives the Tech Supporter many opportunities to blast away enemies and blow off some steam.


Tech Supporters give players an additional Router node, supplementing their Proxy.

Utilizing the Beam Rifle, a Tech Supporter can attack, and collect information, from great distances.

Tech Supporters can cause enemy characters to Lag with their Attack Action Upgrade.






Noobs are inductees, trainees, new recruits. They are dim-witted, eager to please, prone to mess up, and always looking to follow the leader. Emoticorps bands do not expect much from Noobs–but every Private starts somewhere.


Noobs are expendable, as they don’t explode into Info Chips when Disconnected… they are too dumb!

A Noob can put out decent attack power against a Tagged enemy. Pair them with LOL-fficers for more success.

Noobs can hoist their bandmates onto Frames. Get them on rooftops quickly!


Stay tuned for additional Emoticorps character classes!





Prototype LOL-fficer render.