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Image is of the prototype; paper dolls are stand-ins for miniatures and exact designs of all products are subject to change.

Character art is rendered and then high-quality resin prototypes are printed.

Take the role of an Operator leading a band of characters, called your Operator Band. During each round, spend domino tiles, referred to as Blocks of Code or simply Blocks, to perform actions with your characters. Your goal is to meet your Operator’s Agenda, by collecting information from Personas—the denizens of CodeWorld—and enemy characters. Be fast, for your protective Firewall—the barrier projected by your Operator’s Proxy—will be constantly degrading. If it is destroyed, you will have no choice but to disconnect your entire band and retreat to your database!

Key Features

Three-dimensional gameplay:
CodeWorld the Miniatures Game is a truly three-dimensional game. Utilizing custom designed accessories, characters are permitted (in fact, encouraged!) to run up walls, jump from building to building, and even attack from midair.

Dominoes, not dice:
From its inception, CodeWorld the Miniatures Game was designed to play with dominoes. We have been able to build interesting, tactical, and rewarding new mechanics utilizing dominoes.

Cyberspace theme:
In CodeWorld the Miniatures Game, we have taken the theme of cyberspace and had some fun with it. Push your characters to the limit and force them to Overclock. Inflict Lag, Tag, Mute, Frozen, and more on your enemies. Socialize to obtain information through the Social mini-game.

Skirmish size with a twist:
The game is a true skirmish miniatures game, with bands typically consisting of approximately 10 models total, totaling 30 Bandwidth (points). However, the game is designed to fundamentally work at three levels: small (10 Bandwidth), medium (20 Bandwidth), or large (30 Bandwidth). In a large game, your whole band battles it out in the game space. However, in small and medium games, the band members not in play are available to Hot Swap into play from your “Database,” a persistent side board.

Meaningful list building:
Build a Band of 30 Bandwidth (points) from your faction’s available characters. Each faction will have approximately 8 non-Proxy characters as launch, and 2 Operators with associated Proxy characters. Your Band gets one Operator/Proxy for free, then assembles 30 Bandwidth of non-Proxy characters (average cost is 4 Bandwidth). Your Operator determines your Agenda (victory condition). Each character has an Operation. Each round you will get to perform four Operations, with the restriction that each character’s Operation may be used once per iteration of the character (including the characters in your Database/side board!). Choose your Band Members (and their associated Operations) carefully! Finally, most characters may be loaded with a Hack (special power) of your choice from a faction-specific set.

Highly customizable game space:
We have designed the “frames” (three-dimensional game components that provide for vertical movement) of CodeWorld to be hollow and largely see-through. Why is that? This allows players to put any terrain they want onto the board with our frames acting as the codelines on top. Battle it out in Bazillidex City. Just as easily, fight on Mars, in a forest, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In CodeWorld, anything is possible.

Compact game system:
Despite the game’s large presence (taking up a 36″ x 36″ x 14″ game space), the frame components are thoughtfully designed to quickly disassemble and be packed flat. The entire game fits in a 12″ x 12″ box, similar to a board game, and sets up in less 10 minutes.

Deep tactical gameplay that rewards out-of-the-box thinking:
CodeWorld the Miniatures Game has deep, layered gameplay mechanics. Once mastered, these intuitive and innovative mechanics allow players to discover amazing tactics.


CodeWorld the Miniatures Game takes place in a cyberspace realm known as CodeWorld. The story behind CodeWorld is initially set in a large cyberpunk domain known as Bazillidex City; however, CodeWorld is made up of many domains and future stories will take players to a wide-berth of interesting locations.

In Bazillidex City, rival bands vie for the attention of amiable Personas, or CodeWorld denizens, to gain information. Bands are lead by Operators, master coders who stay in the real world and direct their teams. Each Operator controls a proxy in CodeWorld, whose main purpose is to project a field around the band called a Firewall to protect from the algorithmic enforcers known as ProBots. At its essence, CodeWorld is about Bands clashing, fighting, socializing, hacking, and disconnecting each other in the race to meet their Operators’ agenda.